There is an art and science in lash extension application. With a collection of over 700 types of lashes we offer a truly unique and customized lash application that Ria has been well known for creating.   During your consultation, together with Ria, you will discuss and decide what style is best suited to maximize your natural beauty and compliment your lifestyle. Offering the latest and the highest quality in products and advanced application techniques. 

Signature Lifestyle Set:  Initial investment begins at $500

Signature lifestyle sets can be enjoyed continuously year after year without compromising lash health. Expect to have 150-450 custom designed lash extensions per eye. 

Lifestyle Lash Maintenance:

Maintenance services begin at $300 

maxLASH: Investment begins at $750  Special occasion/Red Carpet custom designs can feature between 600 and 1000+ customized lash extensions per eye. They cannot be worn continuously month after month without the possibility of compromising lash health. The *Maximum* recommended time of continuous wear is 2-4 weeks unless informed otherwise. Maintenance is not offered for this set. Complete removal and an application of a lifestyle set is recommended.

Lash extension removal begins at $100

Eyebrow extensions for current clients only.

 Appointment availability is extremely limited, please request appointments in advance. A waitlist is available

Lashes On Location services are available locally (NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut), across the USA and internationally at an additional fee. Kindly contact us for rates.

Please contact us via email or phone (718) 974-2821. Please note that due to the nature of our personalized services it may take up to 48 hours for a reply.

*Although extremely  rare, allergic or irritant reactions may occur. Removal of lash extensions due to an allergic reaction following our services is provided at no charge. Please note that refunds are not provided in the event of an allergy. If you have concerns and are generally sensitive to products we will gladly discuss options and conduct patch testing.

Appointment requests outside of standard working hours (7am and earlier or after 8pm) may incur an after hours fee

For frequently asked questions about eyelash extensions see our blog post here