Kelly Ripa has been a fan of lash extensions for a few years now and has mentioned many times how much she loves them. This is one of many videos where she raves about this life changing beauty treatment. 

Ria is interviewed for an article on lash extensions for LONG ISLAND PULSE magazine September 2012 issue. 

Ria is featured on NEW YORK CBS 2 news 11/14/2008 discussing eyelash extensions. Ria was also featured in VOGUE magazine, Vital Juice, Galtime and Rouge18 blog. 

Lash Masters book by Chrysallis publishing house. Inspirational stories by eyelash extension experts from around the world.

In the first volume of LASH MASTERS Ria Hountas of LASHTIQUE is a contributing author along with 15 other lash industry pioneers and lash extension experts. 

Ria Hountas-Hart wrote an article for EYE LASH, an industry magazine for lash and brow artists.