Eyelash Extensions :Frequently Asked Questions

Will lash extensions damage my eyelashes? This is by far the most common question and its a great one. The answer is no, IF they are expertly applied and well taken care of.  Keeping healthy lashes is team work.

What is a proper application? A proper application is where the extension is applied to only a single natural eyelash and does not touch the skin. When its applied to single natural eyelash then it does not interrupt the growth cycle of a natural lash and it will shed normally. If lashes are bunched together and multiple natural lashes are attached it pulls on the natural lashes. Another important part of a proper lash application is the weight of the extension in relation to your natural lash. As skilled lash artist will be sure to have a thorough consultation and choose the right lashes to suit your naturals and your desired look to suit your lifestyle. Lashes should feel like an extension of your own and you shouldn’t even feel like you have them on. If you feel any pulling, itchiness, pain then you must immediately consult with your lash artist and perhaps find a new one. 

How do I take care of them? Lash extensions are so easy to maintain and take care of. NEVER pick or pull at them. Do not rub your lashes. NEVER use a mechanical curler on them. Picking, pulling or mechanically curling your eyelash extensions can cause breakage and pulling from the root. Only use oil free makeup remover and products around your eyes. Do not get them wet for the first few hours (your lash artist will give you a better idea of how long since different adhesives have different cure rates).  If you need to use mascara use one formulated for eyelash extensions or another water based (not waterproof) formula. 

Is the process of having my eyelashes extended painful? Absolutely NOT. The vast majority of clients are snoring away within a few minutes. You should not feel any pain or discomfort and if you do immediately inform your lash artist. 

Can I swim, shower, go to the gym? Yes, yes and yes. Once the adhesive is cured there are no limitations to getting them wet. Just be mindful of being gentle when drying them. Patting them is best and give them a brush through with your lash brush. 

How long do they last? Eyelash extensions can be worn indefinitely with proper care and maintenance. Fill ins or touch ups are needed approximately every 2-5 weeks. The rate of your growth cycle and how well you maintain them determines the frequency. 

How do I remove them? If for any reason you must have your lash extensions removed, make sure to go to a professional. We have specially formulated debonding agents that dissolve the adhesive and will not damage your natural lashes. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO REMOVE ON YOUR OWN. If you attempt to remove on your own the you are risking the health of your natural lashes.

How do I clean my pretty new lashes? Lash hygiene is absolutely necessary for optimal lash health.  There are some wonderful lash cleansers to use that are safe for your eyes and your eyelashes. Our natural lashes protect our eyes from dirt, dust and debris. Lash extensions just increased the surface area that first, dust and debris can accumulate do daily cleansing is imperative. Your lash artist should show you how to clean your lashes at your appointment.